Disability Income

Ever wonder who pays you when you are unable to work for a few months or a few years?  Disability Income does!

Disability Income pays a percentage of your salary if you become temporarily unable to work due to an illness or accident. 

I offer both short term disability that covers you up to 60% of your income for a maximum of 24 months as well as long-term disability covering you up to 50-70% of your income ongoing, once determined permanently unable to work.

Partnering with local financial advisors to ensure fully compliant retirement planning solutions, my goal is to protect the investments that you have spent your entire life saving so that you can achieve the very most out of your money in your retirement years.

Protection from the volatility of the stock market, unexpected illnesses or injuries that impact your ability to work and in some cases even prohibit you from taking care of yourself are all important strategies for a strong foundation to your family financial future.  These are all extremely high risks that can crumble your entire way of living and cause devastating financial damage to your family for life. 


Given the volatility of today's stock market, many folks are seeking a way to protect their life savings in retirement from taking big hits from the stock market during downward trends.  Annuities are a great way to offer this protection and yet still gain good interest rates when the market performs positively.  Not too mention, annuities are a fantastic way to provide one with a personal pension draw to help supplement social security income later in life.

Medicare Supplements

Helping you to fully understand the different paths to take as you age into Medicare based on your own health & budget needs.  I will take the time to ensure that you understand how the plan works, what it covers and how it might impact your drug coverage.  Rest assured, I will always keep you apprised of any state or national changes to Medicare supplement plans providing ongoing support at no additional charge long-after you enroll.

Live strong, smile often & rest peacefully!

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Retirement Planning Solutions

Long-Term Care

With the average cost of assisted care in a nursing home now over $4,000 per month, Long-Term Care is a vital necessity for family protection.  LTC goes beyond medical care and nursing care to include all of the assistance you need to manage a chronic illness or disability that leaves you unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time regardless your age.

Did you know that you can receive long-term care in your own home?  In a nursing facility? or in an assisted living facility?

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